Monday, 5 November 2012

"So, hows the project going?"

So its been a few months since my last post (AGAIN). But to be fair its been a busy few months.
Last update was about my possible project over at Port Lympne; which fell through. The image below is the possible cover art for my project on the T.A.( thats Territorial Army to you and me).

This project started out as a simple one:

1. Get clearance for T.A. and draw the inside/out.

2. Spend ages waiting and badgering admin at the centre to reply.

3. Have a second attempt at getting clearance with a different member of staff.

4. Have clearance denied to enter the premises....

5. Draw from the outside out of sheer desperation for my project not to collapse (months after initial contact).

6. Nearly being arrested by said T.A. for drawing from the outside!